It does not really matter whether you are a believer of Feng shui or not. Besides, it is not that easy to part with good money on matters that you may still have doubts about. People who have a good working knowledge of Feng shui will need no more egging on, they know. Still, for the uninitiated, Feng shui crystal is a good and inexpensive starting point to feed that curiosity.

It also gives an assurance to start with something that is closely similar to what a person currently believes in. Feng shui crystals, for its entire oriental connotation, has similar uses in many other parts of the world. It was used in ancient times for its healing qualities. A myth even extends its usage in Atlantis. Americans Indians use it for healing, the aborigines have similar uses for it. The Europeans use it for trade and if that were not enough, it could serve as a very good accessory to casual attire in place of the more expensive gemstones.

In Feng shui though, depending on its shape and color, it is a cure for illnesses. If one is not ill, Feng shui crystals still attract the energies that are abundant in nature to achieve more balance whether it is in any undertaking or those that are emotional in orientation.

Because Feng shui crystals gather the energy in nature, similar to what gemstones do, it becomes a very inexpensive way of gathering vibrations that influences the body’s aura and chakra, helping in relaxation, curing illnesses and in balancing the emotions.

Unlike the ancient world where there is so much time in the hands to enjoy and relax, today, living has almost become synonymous with being active. Where time is almost always budgeted to fit to a schedule where the next activity could be filled in. Where most live to work to earn the money enough to get a vacation knowing that during that vacation the thoughts would inadvertently be reverted on unfinished work. Relaxation has now become a luxury that no one could really afford.

Try the Feng shui crystals then. If you can afford that time management seminar where you will be thought how to work, try one where you will be helped to relax. It is only fitting and reasonable aside from being inexpensive.

Even when your drift is only geared towards those that could be explained, measured, and has a scientific basis, you could still try it for accessory and when the Feng shui crystal is the right one, it will give forth its effect even when you do not believe in it.

Selecting a Feng shui crystal that is right for you are quite easy. Colors and cuts rule the different crystals and their benefits although you do not really have to give this much thought. You can go to any Feng shui store and in most cases, the different kinds are written and displayed (usually beneath a crystal) and explained together with the uses and the benefits that you could get from it. Feng shui crystals come in the form of bracelets, anklets, necklaces, brooches, or just plain stand-alone crystals.

As mentioned, cultures have been using crystals for ages now. If no benefits are derived from it, it would then have already become a myth and the benefits might as well have been forgotten. It is not happening and for a very good reason – the durability of a belief is proof of its validity.